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Béatrice Marie


Béatrice is Rachel’s mom. She was raised in a Catholic home with 14 siblings. She was converted to the gospel by the testimony of her older sister. For many years Béatrice found herself without a good local church. She had the strong conviction that the Lord would send someone to raise up a church in Saint- Lô.


She never thought that person would be her son in law Mauricio and her daughter, Rachel.


In 2008, a friend of Béatrice was changing the dishes and chairs in her restaurant in order to renovate it. Béatrice had a request, “please give them to me”, she said. “Why would you want 80 seats and plates?” her friend asked. “Because one day God will raise up a church in this city and we will need seats, so the people can listen to the Word of God” responded Béatrice.


We praise God for Béatrice’s faithfulness, and we are excited that the Lord has begun to sow His Word. The chairs are now being used for the advance of the kindom of God!

Cruces Beatrice.jpeg



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